The Camargo laboratory focuses on the study of adult stem cell biology, organ size regulation, and cancer.


Despite fantastic progress in developmental biology research over the past decade, one aspect of development and tissue homeostasis for which very little is understood is how individual tissues reach and then maintain their appropriate size. Classic studies have demonstrated that tissues are able to ‘sense’ their size and expand or shrink until a correct dimension has been reached. Nevertheless, the nature of the molecules and pathways involved in this process remain mysterious


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Congratulations to Jackie Russell on receiving a research fellowship award from the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF)!


Congratulations to Alejo Rodriguez-Fraticelli on receiving the K99/R00 Transition to Independence Award, by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)!


Congratulations to Fernando Garcia-Osorio on the publication of his Manuscript, Somatic Mutations Reveal Lineage Relationships and Age-Related Mutagenesis in Human Hematopoiesis, in Cell Reports journal!


Congratulations to Priscilla Cheung for her reception of the F31 Fellowship from the National Cancer Institute!


Congratuations to Dejan Maglic on the publication of his Manuscript, YAP-TEAD signaling promotes basal cell carcinoma development via a c-JUN/AP1 axis, in The EMBO Journal